Day #17

Down to the home stretch…the fifth and final week of class is upon us.

First, let me touch upon my last entry for “Website of the Week.” This week, I chose to share with the class a great tool called Survey Monkey. It allows users to create digital surveys and distribute them via the internet. Once distributed, people with a link to the survey have access to all of the questions and can answer them whenever. Once completed, survey results are kept track of for the creator of the survey right on the Survey Monkey website. This allows for easy analysis of the questions and data produced from the survey.

Survey Monkey is a great way to collect information from students, parents, and even colleagues in the school setting. Even better, students can utilize this tool for classroom projects.

Click Here for a sample survey that I created for this blog.

Now, on to the “meat and potatoes” of this final week: the final project.

For our ED 620 final project, we are basically given free reign to design anything that we find useful based upon all of the neat new technologies that we worked with during the past few weeks. For me, I immediately had the thought of incorporating my work at Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps into the project to make it useful to myself in more than one way.

Here is a brief background before I go into what I am doing for my project:

At Keystone SMILES, members enter data into Excel spreadsheets in order to keep track of service hours, volunteers, students, etc. This is a very important source of data for the organization and has to be updated on a regular basis. To do this, members must log-on onto a remote computer system that stores these data forms. This system can be accessed by any internet connected computer. However, if you use a computer that runs the Mac operating system like me, these forms cannot be easily accessed at home. I took this problem upon myself to find a solution…and I did.

So, for my project, I am creating a digital tutorial in the form of an instructional video showing users how to access these data forms for Keystone SMILES if they are a Mac user. As far as I know, I’m the first person to solve this problem for the organization, and I plan on sharing this instructional video with them in order to help future members have an easier time.

By Thursday, this video will be completed, and I will have it uploaded to be streamed on YouTube, so I will embed it in my last post for you all to see.

Until then…








P.S. I’ve found my productivity levels to go up while doing coursework if I listen to “Bon Iver” while chugging along…I hope it makes you all more productive as well. Enjoy!


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