Day # 12.2

Hello digital world!

It’s been a very long and busy week for me, so I apologize for not posting anything earlier.

Let’s get started, shall we?

This week in Ed 620, the theme is online collaboration tools. This is a topic that I’m somewhat familiar with, but having a deeper knowledge of what’s out there for use in the classroom is very beneficial for any educator.

The creation assignment for this week involves group work. We are to work in small groups and collaborate using online tools in order to develop an internet scavenger hunt. In order to work together as a group from wherever we are all located while we work on our online coursework, the group relies on some of the technologies that are discussed in this week’s “Module 3.”

The scavenger hunt document that is being created has been made using Google Docs. This amazing tool allows anybody with the link to the document (which was posted in our group’s ED 620 message board topic) to edit and add their own content. The content in this particular case will be questions, answers to these questions, and websites where the answers can be found.

Our group has decided to focus on the Civil War as an overall theme for the scavenger hunt. This year (2011) marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the war (1861), so we thought that it would be relevant. So far, two group members have created five sets of answers/questions/websites a piece, but I have not found the time yet myself, but I have compiled a list of good Civil War related websites that I am going to use in the next few days:

All of this browsing through Civil War material has inspired me to post this video:
Ok…now to go work on my portion of the scavenger hunt. More info on my thoughts and experiences with the “Module 3” collaborative content to come in my next post.

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