Day #7

If we’re going by the summer schedule of Monday – Thursday classes, then today would be day #7 right?

The past couple of nights have been devoted to work for the other class that I am taking during this summer session (CIS 651). However, I have done a little browsing of the ED 620 content and have made my contribution to the “Website of the Week.” I also began browsing my Twitter account more frequently.

The website that I contributed this week to the class is called Seashore ( It is an open source basic image editing software for the Mac OS X operating system. I like it a lot for simple tasks. It will never replace Photoshop on my computer, but it is a nice alternative for certain things.

Here is a video that I found on YouTube that shows the application in action:

Tonight, I started browsing the Google resources/content that was presented to us in Ed 620. I have had a Google account for many years now, so I’m pretty familiar with all of the tools that are available. Out of the list that was presented to us (Google Scholar, Google for Educators, Google Docs, Google Presentations, Google Forms, Google Maps, and Google Reader), I am very familiar with all of the items except for Google Presentations.

So, I watched the video that was presented to us that shows Google Presentations in use. On the surface, it’s a free web-based version of PowerPoint. But, with the edition of Google Docs’ collaboration features, Google Presentations can be used as a wonderful classroom tool. I can visualize students working together on a presentation from home without the need to compile separate slides together from various files all into one. How great is that!?

It’s getting late, and it’s way too hot to sit here with my laptop any longer. RSS Feeds tomorrow…

Stay cool!


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