Day #2

Back to the grind.

ED 620 has been my focus since getting home from a long day serving at AmeriCorps. So far I quickly browsed some information regarding searching the internet (which I plan on spending some more time with in the next few days), read about PLNs (Personal Learning Networks), and posted to the class’ “Website of the Week” discussion board.

The internet search links provided to us are really great. Take a look at this detailed resource that offers some in-depth FAQs on the ins-and-outs of internet searches that most of us definitely overlook on a daily basis. As of now, I’ve only skimmed through the resource, but I have already learned about the importance of “Boolean Operators.” Also, the “Google for Educators” link that was provided is awesome! I definitely plan on taking the Google “lessons” provided on the website in order to better understand how to effectively utilize the search engine in/for the classroom.

As far as PLNs are concerned, I have started to actively maintain (and pay attention to) some online resources that I have developed in the past. First of all, I have a “professional” Twitter account (@n_pearce – feel free to follow me if you’d like) where I follow some “ed-tech gurus” that share various resources through their tweets. To be completely honest, I have not kept up with this much since I activated the account almost a year ago, but now is the time to start. Another thing that I really want to do while building my PLN is find some good educational blogs to follow. So if you know of any great ones out there that you can recommend, please leave a comment with a link. I’ll share any of my finds in the posts to come.

Last but not least, my “Website of the Week” is one of my favorite tools that I have ever used. This week’s selection is called Evernote.

Evernote Logo

It’s a multi-function tool, both web-based and accessible through standalone software, that helps me stay organized. I use it daily. To see some ways that I use it, take a look at my blog post that reviews the application (done for my coursework in ED 617). I still need to take the time to browse my classmates’ websites for this week, and will share any resources that stand out to me.

Stay classy…


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