Hello readers!

My name is Nathan Pearce. I am currently a graduate student at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. I am working on a M.Ed degree with a concentration in Technology. On top of that, I am also working on fulfilling the requirements to receive my ITS certification. In May 2010, I completed my undergraduate work from Clarion in secondary education (grades 7-12) social studies. To see my professional e-portfolio, click here.

Aside from school, I work as a graduate assistant for the Jefferson County History Center (JCHC) in Brookville, PA. There, I use my (sometimes very limited) knowledge of technology to help improve the quality of the interactions that take place between the organization and the people it connects to. So far, I have helped maintain the JCHC website, I have developed interactive videos for touch-screen exhibits, designed exhibit signage, incorporated and upkeep social media pages and html email newsletters, and am working on a graphic design project that will result in the manufacture and installation of eight full-color outdoor informational plaques detailing historic information of landmarks in Brookville through text and pictures. I try to document all of my major work and accomplishments at the JCHC on another blog. Feel free to check it out by clicking here!

Since my assistantship position is only available to me during the regular academic year, this summer I became a member of AmeriCorps through the local chapter (Keystone SMILES) in Knox, PA. I am currently working on the last portion of a 12-week term of service that has been very rewarding. So far, I have planned and instructed a 3-week summer school program affiliated with a local school district. Through my instructional efforts and the hard work and cooperation of the students, I am proud to say that all of the students selected for the program will be moving on to their regularly scheduled grade levels in the fall. More recently at AmeriCorps, I have been involved with the “Creative Arts” portion of the Keystone SMILES summer youth program. This means that I have had the opportunity to work with children of all ages, from pre-K to 8th grade, in a mentoring role, all while creating fun works of art with the kids.

Everything that I’ve written about above are things that I have done. Now, I want to tell you some things about me. I’m originally from the Erie County (PA) area, but I have been primarily located in Clarion ever since arriving at college in the fall of 2006 for my freshman year. One thing that I learned about myself through undergraduate work is that I really am happy with my decision to seek out a degree in education. I love working with students (of all ages), and I am really looking forward to my first teaching position (but not really looking forward to the job search). Aside from teaching, my other passion in life is music. I love to listen to it, I love to witness it live, and I love to play it. Personally, I play guitar, mandolin, and some banjo and piano (I also own a violin, harmonica, and a set of bagpipes – all of which I cannot really play). I find music to be one of the best ways to relieve stress, whether it’s belting out the chorus to your favorite song in your car on the way home from a long day at work or sitting around the house on a lazy day with guitar in hand.

For those music lovers out there…

I’m a huge Mumford & Sons fan (Most of you probably have never heard of them, but they are definitely worth checking out!). I discovered them last summer and have since become obsessed and have seen them twice in concert. Their music has become my regular online coursework soundtrack, playing through iTunes as I sit working on assignments at my computer. I thought that I’d share a little musical genius (at least in my opinion) with you all:


I guess this is the point where I talk about ED 620 “Internet Applications for K-12 Educators.” The main purpose of this particular blog is to fulfill requirements for this particular course. Hopefully, I will be able to get on here and post each day that I work on my coursework. I will document progress that I make, share discoveries that I stumble across, and hopefully be able to educate others as I gain knowledge myself. I hope you find this blog to be interesting; I’m certainly not a great writer, but I try my best to share my thoughts with others in an easy-to-manage way whenever I do write.

Until next time…


4 Responses to Introduction

  1. atempleton says:

    I love Mumford and Sons! Thanks for sharing!

  2. ebevevino says:

    Very interesting information. Clarion is a great place to be!

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