Day #1

Ok, now that my introduction post is out of the way, I can get to the “meat and potatoes” portion of my blog: my daily commentary of work related to ED 620.

So far, all I can say is that I’m really looking forward to using unfamiliar technology to create valuable resources throughout the course. For instance, I am familiar with blogging, but I have never used WordPress before. I don’t know why! I really like it…a whole lot better than what I have experienced using (Blogger). Take a look at my two blogs already created with Blogger:

  • JCHC Blog – my documentation of work related to my graduate assistantship position at the Jefferson County History Center
  • PDE SAS Review – a blog set up for ED 617 as a critical review of the Pennsylvania Dept. of Ed’s “Standards Aligned System”

I’m not saying that Blogger is a bad tool.  It is a really good resource for the publication of information on the internet. I’m still going to be using it for my current blogs, but any new creations will probably be done through WordPress (or until I find something that I like even better).

I really like the user-friendly interface that this tool (WordPress) presents right from the get-go. This is a great change of pace from a lot of other publishing tools out there in cyber space. However, like most new things, it will take some time to master and really mold this into something that I am totally pleased with (I’m already in the process of coming up with a header graphic using Photoshop that I can upload and make this blog look more appealing – for your sake and mine). I’m guessing that documentation of my thoughts about WordPress will continue to be a pretty big topic throughout my blog posts for ED 620, so stay tuned!

WordPress aside, here are some of my first impressions about the course overall:

I am really pleased about is the positive feel of the course. All of the content on the D2L site is very well organized and the assignments seem very relevant and well-planned. Sometimes online coursework seems so meticulous and unrewarding, but my first impression of ED 620 is that this course is different. I’m the type of person that could spend all day on my computer discovering new web tools, resources, and features that can be used for academic, social, and recreational purposes. This course almost seems to give me an excuse to that exactly.

That’s all for now…


3 Responses to Day #1

  1. rtkach says:

    Hi there!

    I am in ED620 with you! I look forward to working with you. How did you file your blog post to be listed under week one? I bet that would make things easier for John to grade our blogs?

    • njpearce22 says:

      If you are in the “Edit” window for you post, to the right there should be a “Categories” section. I just created a “Week 1” and filed this post under that. I also “Tagged” my post with “Week 1” as well just to keep the organization aligned.

  2. rtkach says:

    Got it! Thanks!

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